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KTech Women in Tech (WIT) exists to revolutionize the experience of women in technology and establish a new standard of inclusion for tech culture & leadership by providing a forum to promote women in technology through networking, education, and community outreach. 

We’ve recognized that Knoxville women in technology are looking for like-minded individuals who are dealing with the same challenges, craving the same opportunities, and seeking new ways to grow. We want to provide opportunities for you to connect with others in the community that believe in and advocate for women in technology.

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WIT Committee

Stephanie Flood
Clayton Homes
Committee Chair

Lisa Atkinson headshot

Lisa Atkinson
Zelvin Security

Julianna Presley headshot

Julianna Presley

Karen Goodwin
iRis Networks
General Event Planning

Sarah Yeaple headshot

Sarah Yeaple
Knoxville Utilities Board
General Event Planning

Tracy Hall
Community Outreach

Stephanie Alexander headshot

Stephanie Alexander
Clayton Homes
Community Outreach

Reeya Bean headshot

Reeya Bean
Deloitte Technology

Holly Armes headshot

Holly Armes
Clayton Homes

Additional Members

Brooke Henry

Christine Jones

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